With almost 25 years of CM/FM experience, I consider myself a veteran. I love LLM or leading small teams to glory. This blog is a testament of my successes and fails, clever tactics, and frustrations.

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The Journeyman

To be fair, I know I talked about starting a save in Italy once Football Manager 17 is released. But I won't be doing that. I've realised that I have so little knowledge of the Italian teams, and I have enough respect for my followers that actually have, that I'd be outright offending some of them by praising certain clubs and/or players. So I've decided I'll take up a challenge that I've actually never done before: The Journeyman.

As often as I can, I brag about having played every single version of CM and FM released to date. I started at the age of 10 with a then pirated version of CM 92/93, a game I later bought in a bundle with CM 94/95 and CM Italia. Fast forward almost 23 years later, and FM17 is just around the corner. But I have never done a proper journeyman save before. It wasn't actually until FM12 that I discovered the joy and addiction (and hatred and depression) of Lower League Management, and tried something different than being better than Sir Alex. Since then I've had magical saves with Ajax-then-Atletico Madrid, RC Lens, and FC United of Manchester. But again, no Journeyman. In fact, the Ajax-then-Atletico save is the closest I've ever been.

To those unfamiliar with The Journeyman, it's really simple. You need to win the league in 5 different countries. The hard version even requires winning the league on 5 different continents. But since I'm moving well past my usual comfortzone, I'll just do the easy one.

Nations revealed

I've decided to keep it simple, and run with the biggest leagues; Premier League (England), LaLiga (Spain), Bundesliga (Germany), Serie A (Italy), and Lique 1 (France). These are the leagues that needs to be won for this challenge to be successfullt completed. And the clever reader have seen I've added Serie A, but this is my attempt to push myself. I've never managed in Germany before - at all - so that will be a challenge aswell. Also, I've decided to save Serie A for last ;)

Rules as per usual

I have a weird need for challenges. Winning the league with a big team is easy, and this save could be done in 5 seasons. So I'll have to set some rules up to keep this save interesting, both for myself but certainly also for my readers. So I've decided that I'll try to recreate some of the magic from my RC Lens save, and start in the French Lique 2. I've noticed that none of the players are present from the RC Lens team I managed in FM13 - at least not anyone I recognize.

So first rule is strictly "no top 4 teams". As mentioned above, it would be too easy otherwise.

Second rule is more a philosophy of mine: "give youth a chance". I'll strive to use the setup of the club and develop my own stars on the way to glory. And if everything goes the way it usually does, I'll probably start getting attached to some of those darn regens. This is why I own a FC United shirt with "9" and "AstiƩr" printed on the back. A glorious French regen who kept banging in 30+ goals for 6 seasons in a row.

Third rule is, as mentioned, to finish in Italy.

I'm really, really, really looking forward to this save. Hopefully it'll be just as exciting to write about, and read about for you readers. See you in Lens!