With almost 25 years of CM/FM experience, I consider myself a veteran. I love LLM or leading small teams to glory. This blog is a testament of my successes and fails, clever tactics, and frustrations.

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The Dane is back!

Yes, I'm back! I'm not sure if you missed me or not but with FM17, I've promised myself to dedicate the time to take up actually playing the game, and blogging about my careers and the frustrations that comes along with it.

New looks

The quick ones will notice that my blog have gotten a smaller makeover. And there's a good reason for that. As I work as a Front-End Developer for a living, I like things that look nice. And they have to use cutting edge tech aswell. So besides the new theme that I've coded myself, this blog is selfhosted with Ghost. It's a lovely platform with an easy UI, and I can format my blogposts in markdown, which is easier for me, compared to the chunky and bloated UI in WordPress. Since Ghost doesn't come with a neat commenting system like WordPress, I've also implemented Disqus.


This year I'll be skipping the beta entirely. It's a fine thing to have, but if you check the SI forums, you'll see that there are still many teething problems and I'd like to skip the frustrations over them this year. I've also spotted that there're still issues - as per usual - with the game being played on Linux, so I guess I still have to keep my dualboot install with Windows 10 and elementaryOS.

However, I think I'm going to start in Italy this year. My first idea was to start as Parma in Serie C, and restore them to their former glory. Who doesn't remember the Parma team that won the UEFA Cup in 94/95? I was 10 years old back then, mind you, But I still remember it vividly. It'll be a club with limited financial resources, as they were declared insolvent in 2004, reformed, and then went bankrupt again in 2015 with a smaller €218m dept. So it'll be a nice challenge in some LLM-ish style, and it'll be fun to manage in Italy for the first time since Championship Manager Italia, which actually was my second CM game. I had a mean AC Milan team playing 4-3-3 with Eric Cantona, George Weah, and Brian Laudrup on top. Oh the memories!


You've probably seen the news where Miles talks about Brexit is being simulated in FM17. And I had actually planned to write a great deal about why I think it's a negative thing for the game. But I can't seem to collect all my thoughts about it, so it'll have to wait. Most of the people I follow on Twitter seem to think it a great thing for the game, as it makes it more realistic, and I know it's something that will undoubtedly be discussed in length before/if it happens. But I can't seem to look away from the disaster I think it'll be for the Premier League, if each team will have to bring in Championship material (or worse) into their lineups, because their foreign stars can't play for them. If that happens, it will without a doubt do more harm than good, and the Premier League ranking will take a very hard hit.

Anyway, it's great to be back!