With almost 25 years of CM/FM experience, I consider myself a veteran. I love LLM or leading small teams to glory. This blog is a testament of my successes and fails, clever tactics, and frustrations.

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Journeyman: RC Lens 2.1

First post of the second season. Quick recap: we've been promoted to Ligue 1 in our first season through a 2nd place in the league, and I managed to bring in 11 new players during the summer transfer window. Read all about those players here, or if you want to …

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Journeyman: RC Lens 1.2

Actually this post is more of a 1.2/2.0-ish, as I will need to tell you about pre-season transfers of 17/18. The 16/17-season has ended, there're no more matches to be played, no more goals to be scored. As mentioned on twitter, the end of the …

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Journeyman: RC Lens 1.1

Welcome to the first post. If you haven't read my initial post about my journeyman save, you should definitely check it out. This series will be divided into two parts per season. Part one will consist of pre-season happenings, and the first half of the season up until the January …

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The 3-4-3 experiment

It's hard to admit. I love watching Chelsea play after Antonio Conte became manager and started to use his 3-4-3. However, I've been wanting to experiment with the formation since I saw Paolo Sousa's Fiorentina last season use the same formation, albeit slightly different than Conte, but the success of …

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The Journeyman

To be fair, I know I talked about starting a save in Italy once Football Manager 17 is released. But I won't be doing that. I've realised that I have so little knowledge of the Italian teams, and I have enough respect for my followers that actually have, that I'd …

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